missing twin towers chart card

"[...] Some beliefs are like shadows, clouding children's days with fears of unknown calamities [...]"

 —Sophia Lyon Fahs

Welcome to the third step of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's progressive demonstration of the twin towers' demolition:

The demonstration uses a well-honed version of the scientific method:

This exercise in observation and reason is offered by engineering professionals, but people with average mental abilities and a modest education can sustain it. As such, the mass media and the major scientific and technical outfits could have effortlessly published it. Yet they have not.

The U.S. government operates under the scrutiny of numerous highly variegated watchdogs, many of whom would ostensibly benefit from denouncing any 9/11 foul play. Yet very few of them have brought this information to the public's attention.

Kindly note that this page does not prove the twin towers' demolition, the impossibility of the official "aircraft and fire" theory, the fraudulent nature of the latest U.S. technical report on this matter, or the global and persisting cross-disciplinary censorship thereof. It merely contributes to this proof.

Accordingly, whenever you are comfortable with this page's conclusions, consider pursuing AE911Truth's exploration of the twin towers' destruction by reviewing their duration. Or click on a specific box or phrase in the block-diagram on top of this page to visit any some other aspect of it. Or return to its epistemological question.