missing WTC7 chart card

Welcome to the search for Building 7's most memorable video in Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's slide show.

The final conclusions of our technical and anecdotal review of Building 7's destruction can be fairly summarized as follows:

Our next and last logical step is to look for some punch line that casts the finding of Building 7's demolition in stone. This would arguably be a piece of video evidence.

A good candidate is the side-by-side comparison of Building 7's destruction with a controlled demolition. This video clip arguably reminds its viewer better than any other video or image of:

As you reach the end of AE911Truth's slide show on Building 7, consider taking a step back and pondering the significance of its essential implication, namely the evident global and persisting censorship of Building 7's demolition and of its U.S. cover-up. Accordingly, whenever you are comfortable with this page's conclusions, consider formulating their epistemological context. Or click on a specific box or phrase in the block-diagram on top of this page to revisit some phase of the reasoning that has led to them.