missing twin towers chart card

Welcome to the non-explicit segment of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's slide show on Building 7's destruction.

The tentative conclusions of our technical and anecdotal review of Building 7's destruction can be fairly summarized as follows:

As we keep checking the existence of anecdotal evidence that corroborates these conclusions and whose absence could alter them, the last type of such evidence is the existence of a credible scenario as to who did what, when, with whose logistics, under whose supervision, at whose request, within the scope of these activities.

Our examination uses a well-honed version of the scientific method:

This last examination ends our review of Building 7's destruction and allows us to finalize our conclusions above.

Our last step could be a search for some memorable punch line that would cast in stone the finding of Building 7's demolition. This would arguably be a piece of video evidence.

Accordingly, whenever you are comfortable with this page's conclusions, consider finishing our excursion into Building 7's destruction by going back to one video that tells its story better than any analysis. Or click on a specific box or phrase in the block-diagram on top of this page to visit some other aspect of it. Or return to its epistemological question.