missing WTC7 chart card

Welcome to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's evaluation of the U.S. technical reports that blame Building 7's destruction on office fires ignited by projection of structural steel from the North tower.

The findings of our review of the major physical evidence related to Building 7's destruction can be fairly summarized as follows:

Now is the time to examine other aspects of the apparently fraudulent U.S. report and the technical investigations that led to it.

Our examination uses a well-honed version of the scientific method:

This page closes the technical review of Building 7's destruction. It essentially confirms our findings above and turns them into tentative conclusions.

AE911Truth's next logical steps are to check the existence of anecdotal evidence that corroborates these tentative conclusions, starting with that which the freshly completed technical investigation happened to uncover.

Accordingly, whenever you are comfortable with this page's conclusions, consider pursuing AE911Truth's exploration of Building 7's destruction by recalling the previously reviewed testimonies of first responders. Or click on a specific box or phrase in the block-diagram on top of this page to visit some other aspect of it. Or return to its epistemological plot.