Building 7 Thickens 9/11's Epistemological Plot

Are you aware that Building 7’s destruction has raised serious questions? Have you realized that these go beyond the specifics of Building 7’s structural failure and reach all the way to the integrity of the mass media ? Would you like to probe them deeper? If so, read on. If not, consider finding reasons to come back here, perhaps by reviewing this very modest and down-to-earth introduction to 9/11.

Building 7’s structural failure is highly enigmatic: it is odd that its official video model matches poorly the actual evidence that a controlled demolition matches very well. More disturbingly, although this information easily lends itself to a short, inexpensive, simple, unemotional, and highly informative documentary, not a single TV network worldwide has offered it.

While there are many ways to apprehend this epistemological conundrum, the easiest one is to review the specifics of Building 7’s structural failure. This exercise is best left to the de facto authority on Building 7, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). It so happens that AE911Truth has established that Building 7’s was destroyed by a controlled demolition, as the video evidence suggests, and contrary to the official report.

Behold the synthetic diagram of AE911Truth's analysis. For your convenience, clicking on a specific box or phrase takes you to a summary of the reasoning behind it or to the relevant part of AE911Truth's slide show:

missing WTC7 chart card

Within the scope of this overview, suffice to note the use of a well-honed version of the scientific method:

The review of AE911Truth's exploration of Building 7's destruction yields the following findings:

They lead to paradigm-shifting conclusions:

You are now ready for your next 9/11 action items:

AE911Truth’s analysis of Building 7’s implosive demolition solves the video discrepancy that may have led you here. However, it does not put to rest the epistemological enigma that it exposed. Au contraire, it expands it into the intense mystery of a worldwide and persisting conspiracy by the mass media and the major scientific and engineering outfits to censor the largest controlled demolition in history and its U.S. cover-up. This extremely serious breach of morality begs for some further investigation, in case it would be one symptom of a larger stealth censorship campaign.

Since the mass media and the major scientific and engineering outfits are highly unlikely to cooperate with such an investigation, a natural initial step is to brainstorm what other important information this censorship could presumably hide from the public. It makes sense to narrow it down to a quest for some event that would have larger implications than Building 7's demise and also be closely related to it, if possible in space, time and nature.

The spectacular disintegration of the twin towers, which morbidly killed more than 2,000 civilians and rescuers before they could evacuate them, fits these criteria perfectly, making it the ideal candidate. Accordingly, whenever you have completed this page's action items and are comfortable with its conclusions, consider an excursion in layman's terms into the twin towers' destruction.


Daniel Noël, 2011-July-20